Martha Burns Blind Eye book cover

“BLIND EYE left me gutted. Its victims and perpetrators haunt the mind long after the pages have turned, Leeland Pruitt in particular, his shattered boyhood, his tenuous future. Burns’s artfully simple prose is a gateway to dimensions of character and setting that few writers access so keenly. Far more than a whodunnit, Blind Eye is a novel about our burden of responsibility to one another, and nobody leaves the story unscathed, the reader included.”

Doug Kurtz, The Story Coach 

Blind Eye

At the Bounty Canyon Ranch in Southeastern New Mexico, the bodies of Luke and Deona Pruitt are buried in a manure pit and their 14-year-old son Leeland Pruitt is missing.

Deputy Sheriff Greenwood is called out to investigate the missing Pruitt family and discovers the grim scene. Leeland’s brutal upbringing was an open secret overlooked by neighbors and teachers for years. The community turned a blind eye as Leeland was moved by his cruel father from one remote ranch to another. And so, Deputy Greenwood begins a twenty-four-hour hunt to find and save the boy suspected of murdering his parents. 

Blind Eye is both a tragedy and a dilemma of moral conscience. In this tale of cultural complicity, the community, at best, looked the other way and, at worst, enabled abuse, leaving us all to ask, ‘What is too much to ask of a boy?’

Martha Burns book signing at Garcica Street Books Santa Fe

Author Martha Burns